Classification Errors

Riviera Beach Refrigeration Contractor

  • Incorrect classification on the workers’ comp policy that was nearly twice the price of the correct classification
  • Premium Returned = $150,000
  • Future Savings = $70,000 Annually

Sarasota Underground Contractor

  • Incorrect classifications on the general liability and workers’ comp policies
  • Premium Returned = $16,125
  • Future Savings = $5,500 Annually   

Boca Raton Painting Contractor

  • Used the same agent for years for workers’ comp and general liability.  He was really good for general liability, not so good at workers’ comp.
  • Added missing classification
  • Premium Returned = $62,000
  • Future Savings = $18,000 Annually

St. Petersburg-based National At-Risk Youth Program

  • Incorrect classification on the workers’ comp policy that was two times the price of the correct classification
  • Premium Returned = $186,000
  • Future Savings = $100,000 Annually

Experience Rating Errors

Knoxville, TN Employee Leasing Company (PEO)

  • Incorrect Experience Modifier corrected current and 3 prior years
  • Premium Returned = $700,000

Tampa Contractor

  • Eliminated from bidding work due to experience mod over 1.0
  • After a complete review, we found the last 5 years of mods were incorrect
  • The accurate 2020 mod is a .85

Myrtle Beach Time Share Company

  • Assisted with ownership rules
  • Combined multiple LLC’s saving $156,000 first year

Difficult to Place Workers’ Comp

Tampa-based International Steel Fabrication and Erection Company

  • Put together a hybrid workers’ comp program
  • Saved over $1,000,000 in the last 8 years

Sanford Aluminum Extrusion Company

  • 2 poor claims years, so we wired together with a partially self-insured program, with layered deductibles.
  • Savings to date = $62,000

OSHA in the Door

Central Florida Industrial Fabricator

  • Employee died while on client site. Within 3 hours, OSHA was notified and on site.  WCS called in Phillip Russell, of Ogletree Deakins, who immediately stepped in to facilitate the entire process
  • Client walked away with ZERO fines and ZERO citations, per the Isolated Employee Incident Rule

Be Prepared

It’s all about being prepared before OSHA arrives, whether it’s a fatality, hospitalization, or whistle blower.  We provide the safety content, checklists, and video training to support your Safety Managers.

PEO Contract Review and Insurance Solutions

Fort Myers Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Contractor

  • Missing classification for more than 50% of employees
  • Annual Savings = $7,953
  • Removed $2,500 claim charge from contract
  • Added overtime exclusion

Sarasota General Contractor

  • Renegotiated leasing contract saving $30,000 in administrative fees
  • Corrected class code saving $4,500
  • Recovered $8,900 from overpaid FUTA & SUTA taxes

In summary, we typically find errors on every policy or a more creative approach to managing your workers’ compensation program.







David Hale, Tampa Tank Inc./Florida Structural Steel

“We started doing business with Duke 20+ years ago as our workers’ comp agent.  He started with an overall policy review. It didn’t take long, he found $262,000 in mistakes, he changed our carrier and our workers’ comp policy to a partially self-insured program.

Duke Mills and WorkComp Solutions’ proactive approach by assigning dedicated claims adjusters, defense attorneys and building strategies to lower the overall cost of claims, resulted in keeping our team at work and productive for our company.

In the last several years this hybrid program saved us over $1,000,000.”



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