Classification Errors

Riviera Beach Refrigeration Contractor

  • Incorrect classification on the workers’ comp policy that was nearly twice the price of the correct classification
  • Premium Returned = $150,000
  • Future Savings = $70,000 Annually

Sarasota Underground Contractor

  • Incorrect classifications on the general liability and workers’ comp policies
  • Premium Returned = $16,125
  • Future Savings = $5,500 Annually   

Boca Raton Painting Contractor

  • Used the same agent for years for workers’ comp and general liability.  He was really good for general liability, not so good at workers’ comp.
  • Added missing classification
  • Premium Returned = $62,000
  • Future Savings = $18,000 Annually

St. Petersburg-based National At-Risk Youth Program

  • Incorrect classification on the workers’ comp policy that was two times the price of the correct classification
  • Premium Returned = $186,000
  • Future Savings = $100,000 Annually

Experience Rating Errors

Knoxville, TN Employee Leasing Company (PEO)

  • Incorrect Experience Modifier corrected current and 3 prior years
  • Premium Returned = $700,000

Tampa Contractor

  • Eliminated from bidding work due to experience mod over 1.0
  • After a complete review, we found the last 5 years of mods were incorrect
  • The accurate 2020 mod is a .85

Myrtle Beach Time Share Company

  • Assisted with ownership rules
  • Combined multiple LLC’s saving $156,000 first year

Difficult to Place Workers’ Comp

Tampa-based International Steel Fabrication and Erection Company

  • Put together a hybrid workers’ comp program
  • Saved over $1,000,000 in the last 8 years

Sanford Aluminum Extrusion Company

  • 2 poor claims years, so we wired together with a partially self-insured program, with layered deductibles.
  • Savings to date = $62,000

OSHA in the Door

Central Florida Industrial Fabricator

  • Employee died while on client site. Within 3 hours, OSHA was notified and on site.  WCS called in Phillip Russell, of Ogletree Deakins, who immediately stepped in to facilitate the entire process
  • Client walked away with ZERO fines and ZERO citations, per the Isolated Employee Incident Rule

Be Prepared

It’s all about being prepared before OSHA arrives, whether it’s a fatality, hospitalization, or whistle blower.  We provide the safety content, checklists, and video training to support your Safety Managers.

PEO Contract Review and Insurance Solutions

Fort Myers Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Contractor

  • Missing classification for more than 50% of employees
  • Annual Savings = $7,953
  • Removed $2,500 claim charge from contract
  • Added overtime exclusion

Sarasota General Contractor

  • Renegotiated leasing contract saving $30,000 in administrative fees
  • Corrected class code saving $4,500
  • Recovered $8,900 from overpaid FUTA & SUTA taxes

In summary, we typically find errors on every policy or a more creative approach to managing your workers’ compensation program.